We use quality material and make sure that our job is done professionally and on time. We never compromise on quality and level of our services.

We offer the following range of services to our clients:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting

Exterior Painting Services – Melbourne

Our exterior painting approach involves:

  • Protect paving and plants
  • Cleaning the dirt with water pressure for exterior painting jobs.
  • Treat Mildew
  • Preperation with scraping and sanding with sand meshing and make sure the surface is properly clean form dust particles and other particles and start the filling process. And repeat the sanding process to aquire best results.
  • We undercoat the complete surface. We always use quality products to ensure reliability and long lasting results.
  • We use quality flexible gap filler, so that in case of any movement or shift displacement of the house, the gap does not open up.
  • We apply two coat weather shield on top of it.
  • We only use the best quality paints available in the market, and never compromise on quality with price.

Interior Painting Services – Melbourne

Our interior painting approach involves:

  • For interiror painting, first of all we cover up the floor and furniture with drop sheets to make sure there are no paint marks effecting the surface.
  • We do Filling, gapping, apply the under coat.
  • For kitchen and bathroom we first wash the surface with soap sugar to kill the mould, oil and other strains.
  • Remove lose paint – Scrape
  • Fill all imperfections with appropriate filler and sanding back
  • Gap seal all cracks
  • Sand all glossy